Playing house

So I’ve been in this basement apartment in Long Island for about two weeks and the one thing I cannot get over is how fucking damp everything is down here. My hair and the bath towels are perpetually moist and I’m scared that my hair is going to start growing mold soon.

I’m really enjoying my time here although I barely go outside and all I do is watch daytime television and The Food Network (which has given me inspiration to start cooking and to stop relying on cereal and scrambled eggs for sustenance).

I’m sure my family and friends think I’m off on an amazing vacation but really all I’m doing is playing house (not that I mind). Justin goes to work at like 5:30 AM and doesn’t come back until 4 or 4:30 so I’m alone for most of the day watching court shows and TMZ. I live in constant fear of having to go outside and being pulled into a conversation with the people who own the house so I’m very much content staying in all day, actually. 

Tags: personal diary